How to watch iFollow on your TV


Tranmere head to Salford tomorrow for another game that will be played behind-closed-doors, so you may be wondering how to watch iFollow on your TV.

The EFL’s streaming service, iFollow, generally receives mixed reviews, but overall this season it seems to be dealing okay with the increase in viewer numbers. While some clubs have had dire issues with fans connecting to the service, for others it seems to have settled down and performs well.

Buying an iFollow pass for a match through the official Tranmere website can also help benefit the club. Even for away games, once a certain threshold is reached, Rovers will receive money for sales through their own website – so never buy from the opposition club’s website.

However, one frustration that lots of fans share is the difficulty in getting to watch iFollow on your TV. Watching through a mobile, tablet, laptop or PC is your easiest option, but squinting into a small device screen or sitting at a desk to watch the footy on a Saturday afternoon is far from ideal. 

Instead, fans expect to be able to watch the game on their TV, especially when they have spent £10 for the privelge.

With that in mind, we have put together the following summary on how to watch iFollow on your TV.

Additionally, we have also provided information on what doesn’t work so that you don’t waste valuable time in the lead-up to kick-off!

BEFORE YOU READ ON, please note, we are providing this article in good faith – please check your device and TV will work with one of our suggestions BEFORE buying anything. The Amazon links are there as a guide, don’t feel obliged to buy that exact product.


If you have a laptop or PC, then theoretically at least your simplest option is to simply extend your screen to your television set by using some sort of cabled connection.

On a conventional Windows laptop, you’ll need to run a HDMI cable from the relevant port on your laptop and into your TV (assuming you have HDMI ports). If your laptop is a little older, then you may need to purchase a VGA/HDMI adapter to make things work as you desire.

Here is an Amazon basics HDMI cable with 54,000+ reviews! Just make sure you order one that is long enough to run from your computer to your TV!

Amazon HDMI cable


Following on from the above, depending on your computer, you may be able to run a USB lead from your laptop or PC to your TV. You’re likely going to need a USB to HDMI cable for this, but it’s best to check your laptop specs and port availability first.

Most commonly, you’ll need an adaptor which will likely be a really short USB cable attached to a small plastic block in which there is a HDMI port. Run a HDMI cable from the TV to this block, and then plug the USB into your computer. If you tweak the display settings on your laptop/PC, you should find an option to extend or duplicate displays.

This USB to HDMI cable may work for you.


Many phones and tablets have what’s known as a ‘Mini HDMI’ port. As you may expect, it’s pretty easy to get hold of a cable that goes from a Mini HDMI to full HDMI. Linking your phone or tablet to your TV with one of these may get the job done. We’ve never tried this ourselves, but the theory makes sense.

If you want to give it a try, there are a tonne of cables on Amazon that may just do the trick.

DisplayPort to HDMI

Quite a few laptops still feature what’s known as a DisplayPort. Brands still using these on laptops include Lenovo, HP and Dell. The DisplayPort is made for extending or duplicating your laptop/PC display elsewhere and so getting a HDMI connection from this to watch iFollow on your TV is pretty easy.

Make sure you check out what you have before purchasing. 

Here’s one we found on Amazon.


If you own a Macbook or similar device which utilises a USB-C port instead of the traditional array of ports, then you can purchase a USB-C to HDMI cable to run from your device into your TV. USB-C may also be referred to as USB Type 3.

Try this one from Amazon.

Apple AirPlay

Unfortunately, Apple AirPlay isn’t going to get the job done. When you connect your Apple device to your TV and then share the iFollow screen to your television, it will look like everything is going to work a treat. However, sadly, the visual part iFollow won’t transmit – your audio will. So, your TV will look like it’s waiting for the video feed to kick in when in reality it never will.


Sadly, it’s the same story with Chromecast as it is AirPlay. While the iFollow website will cast, once again, the live video content will not. We assume this is down to licensing or something which prevents the app/website from sending video feed to a TV (but we could be wrong on that).


Okay, this is a little bigger in scale, but if you own a projector then as long as you’re using a wired connection to your computer, you should be able to screen iFollow to your projector screen. Simply hook it up to your laptop/PC in the usual way (VGA, HDMI, etc) and away you go.

Go device specific

If you’re struggling for a solution, then the best thing to do is probably to google your exact phone/tablet device model followed by the words ‘to HDMI’. This should then give you a list of results – and hopefully cables to purchase – to help you watch iFollow on your TV.

Good luck!

That’s all of the methods we could come up with or find. If you have any alternative suggestions, or have found one of the above to work/not work, then leave a comment below or head over to our Tranmere forum to share your ideas with fellow fans.

Please note: The Amazon links in this article are affiliate links. This means that, should you make a purchase on Amazon within 24 hours of clicking one of the links in this article, this website may get a small commission from Amazon. We haven’t received a penny to date after years of doing it and we’re not expecting to get anything now, but we must tell you this by law. So, we have done.

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