Has Newcastle United’s former Liverpool boss dropped Tranmere ownership hint?


If there is one thing that gets football fans talking, it’s speculation regarding the ownership of their club.

While Mark Palios appears to be at Tranmere for the long-haul, an interesting snippet emerged from an interview with Newcastle manager Rafa Benitez over the weekend.

Benitez has been based in the Wirral since his days at Liverpool and his family are heavily involved in local community activities and fundraising. But if these recent comments are accurate, then his long-term aspirations may see him take on an even more significant job within the community; owning a football club.

Comments attributed to Benitez suggest the current Newcastle manager is open to the possibility of owning a club and specifically one that is close to his current family home. The journalist in question immediately thought what any of us would think; ‘that must be Tranmere’.

While Rafa did not deny it was Rovers, he provided an answer cryptic enough to leave anything open, perhaps more so the possibility of buying Chester?

Here are the quotes, taken from a story on TribalFootball.com.

“In the future I would like to be involved in a small club. At a massive level? No. I don’t have this amount of money.”

When quizzed on whether it was Tranmere, Benitez replied:

“I didn’t say the name, but close!”

Perhaps a little bit of a nothing story at this stage, but it’s a bit of a slow news week!

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