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Through the late 1980’s and early-to-mid 1990’s Tranmere had a run of success that will probably never again be emulated. Legendary manager Johnny King led the club from the murky depths of the Old Fourth Division to the brink of the Premiership.

Aside from the great players, memorable matches and all the other memories, there is something else from that era that crops up in conversation every now and then. The infamous quotes from John King during interviews, press conferences and the like often left fans amused or even confused.

After trawling archived websites, old programmes and old newspaper cuttings, we have managed to find a few of the old classics. Rather than leave them locked away, we thought we’d publish them again for fans all over the world to read and reminisce. They will now be just a couple of clicks away by visiting the new launched ‘Vault’ section of the site.

After promotion to the First Division:

“I can’t promise anyone success, but I can promise them a trip to the moon” (1991)

On new striker John Aldridge:

“Aldridge is like a gunslinger, he shows no emotion. He kills people and goes away” (1991)

And still about Aldo:

“Aldridge is like a pair of shoes in a shop. You look at them over and over again and then you find you have enough money to buy them” (1991)

On competing with our near neighbours:

“Tranmere will never be able to compete with Liverpool and Everton. They’re like big liners like the Queen Mary, but I see Tranmere as a deadly submarine” (1993/94)

On leaving Tranmere:

“It will be a very sad day when I leave Tranmere and I am proud of what I have achieved here. Now I have to think towards the future. I am looking for a new ship” (1998)

Post match interview:

“I told them beforehand I wanted to see them firing bullets and not blanks. I wanted us playing with live ammunition, and they went out and did that” (1995/96 season)

After defeat to Aston Villa in the 1993/94 Coca-Cola Cup semis:

“It was a tears job today. I liken it to almost being almost like a death. When someone has died it’s difficult to say the right thing and this was exactly the same with the boys in tears in there. It just goes to show how highly emotional this game can be” (1994)

Misc. comment:

“Always remember that football clubs are only as good as the people at the top” (date unknown)

On buying a striker:

“Finding a striker is like going into a field of mushrooms. Often there aren’t any. So when you see one, you make the most of it”

(Thanks to Darren Pluck)

On striker Jim Steel:

“He’s like a maypole, all the others dance around him”

(Thanks to pete_22uk)

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