Non-Tranmere Views on the Anglo-Italian Cup


Derby County and Notts County both played in the Anglo-Italian Cup in three consecutive seasons in the early-to-mid nineties. We asked both sets of fans what they thought of the competition. Here is the best of the feedback, taken from the respective message boards.

BritishRacingGreen Posted on 26/5 15:33

I went to Ancona away in ’94.

I was doing the train thing around Europe at the time and decided to take in the game.
(I remember deciding. I was getting on well with a Czech girl called Lenka in Prague – lovely she was – and it came time to decide what to do..the last train to Ancona was about to depart…it was either see what happened with her…or get the train for the game…I decided on the Rams!)

Us fans were actually outnumbered by the team! (If you include subs)
There were 3 English blokes working over there who just wanted to see an English team.
A couple who’d just got married and were on their honeymoon in Italy…
3 lads who flew over for the game ‘cos ‘they’d got nowt better to do’…
2 Italians who decided to support Derby for no reason…
Mick Derby and Chris Kendal the programme fella who always go…and me.
We got our picture in the Green Un mind!
The tickets were the equivalent of 20 quid…and I remember thinking…”20 quid? We’ll NEVER pay that for a game in England!”
I recall the locals trying to swap their tatty old scarves for my shirt…and Mark Pembridge’s squeeky voice echoing around their new stadium! Class!

We lost mind!

mad_mick Posted on 26/5 15:43

I went to the final. It was my second visit to Wembley with the Rams. Main memories of swapping my old Patrick strip for an almost new Cremonese top, The guy next to me being so drunk he spent the whole second half asleep and a couple of drunken girls who kept flashing their boobs in the pub before the match!

Slightly pointless competition but a good day out

Ramofpeace Posted on 26/5 16:53

I can’t remember that much about the game actually, seem to remember they were dirty though and kept kicking our players all over the pitch…


RalphyWs Posted on 26/5 16:00

I went to both the Brescia and Ascoli matches.Rememeber that Ambrossetti set up the goal for Brescia , which also included the legend of Hagi ( romanian ) . Ascoli had Oliver Bierhoff playing too , remember getting a flag for both matches and their still placed on my wall – happy days

waittwatcher Posted on 26/5 16:18

Have to recall Devlin’s last minute equaliser at Ascoli, as one of the best strikes seen for Notts. Devlin with his back to goal, shrugged off their defender by turning and smacking it from 25 or 30 yards into the goalies top-left corner. Bliss. Ju(“ve”) Pies!

brispie Posted on 26/5 16:24

Before the Brescia game I stayed in the Wembley Hilton on a pre-planned birthday weekend for my girlfriend of the time. We went to see Les Mis on the Saturday night.

Upon our return to the hotel I noticed Mick Walker and a few others drinking in the bar. Pavis was sat on the table next to us. When I went to the bar, Neale Hooke was chatting to a Notts fan, so I introduced myself. We had a good chat, then he took us and introduced us to Mick Walker. I had a good in depth chat with him.

The next morning all the players were in the dining room having breakfast at the same time as us. My girlfriend got our tickets signed by a few of them (Leggy, Gary Mac, Drapes). Whilst we were waiting for the lift to go back to the room, Phil Turner had a good chat with us (really nice guy). On the way up in the lift Micky Johnson and Sir Charlie got in as they claimed to be lost!

A quality weekend (apart from the result).

TurboD Posted on 26/5 17:07

re: Any of you go to AIC Final 94/95?

Went to Brescia away. Was quality, just sat outside the same bar all afternoon, about 100 of us, getting tanked on cheap wine. Don’t remember much of the game, think Drapes scored, Shaun Goater was there but didn’t play as we realised he didn’t have a work permit to play for us (even though it was in Italy?). I seem to recall Peirre Luiggi Collina ref’d one of the Wembley matches, can anyone confirm this?

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