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Still basking in the glory of that wonderful day at Wembley? Well, the latest episode of A Trip To The Moon podcast is a special Wembley Promotion Special.

Launched last week, the episode features a collection of interviews with current players and staff in the immediate aftermath of the win at Wembley – a win that sent Tranmere Rovers back in to the Football League.

Matt Jones caught-up with Jay Harris, James Norwood, Larnell Cole, goalkeeper coach Eric Nixon and midfielder Jeff Hughes in the mixed media zone at Wembley following the celebrations last Saturday. The adrenaline was still pumping and the emotion is clear to hear in the voices of those interviewed.

On Sunday, as the club celebrated an official promotion celebration at Prenton Park, Matt spoke to Assistant Manager Mike Jackson and club owner/Chairman Mark Palios to get their thoughts on the incredible circumstances of the victory the previous day.

You can listen to all of these interviews now and continue to enjoy the Wembley success.

A brand new episode of A Trip To The Moon will be released later this evening, the final episode of the first series.

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