Tranmere on FIFA 20

Revealed: Tranmere on FIFA 20 – player ratings


The player ratings for the new computer game FIFA 20 have been released today, and it makes for interesting reading for Rovers fans.

The main difference will see many of the Tranmere squad now rated at ‘silver’ level, with some improvement in stats pretty much across the entire squad.

Our best players? Well, according to the game developers, EA SPORTS, and their army of researchers, Tranmere’s best squad members are Scott Davies and Manny Monthe with an overall rating of 66. Manny packs a 78 for physicality.

Next up are five players players who have a 65 rating. Play-off hero Connor Jennings and fellow midfielders David Perkins and Ollie Banks are all rated at 65, while Jake Caprice and Calum Woods are as well.   

On 64 overall, there is Liam Ridehalgh, Sid Nelson, Mark Ellis, Kieron Morris, Darren Potter and Stefan Payne. 

Payne is Rovers’ highest-rated striker with new boy Morgan Ferrier just behind him on 63, the same as he was last season. He does have a potential of 71 though.

Noteworthy individual stats

Casting an eye down the squad for Tranmere on FIFA 20, there are some interesting individual stats. We’ve summarised here:

  • Physical: Unsurprisingly, Manny Monthe is Tranmere’s strongest player in terms of the physicality rating at 78. A little bizarrely, after him come Ollie Banks and Morgan Ferrier on 75 – higher than the likes of Sid Nelson and Mark Ellis!
  • Pace: The quickest in the squad is Corey Blackett-Taylor with a pace of 88. Ferrier is just behind on 87 and then Jake Caprice on 80. Probably a decent enough order, however, Rushian Hepburn-Murphy only has a pace rating of 77, the same as Connor Jennings and Stefan Payne. That one seems a little inaccurate.
  • Shooting: The best player for taking a shot with is Connor Jennings who has a shoot stat of 63. Following him with a score of 61 is Stefan Payne and Hepburn-Murphy with Ponticelli and Ferrier on 60 and Mullin on 59. 
  • Passing: Ollie Banks is the best passer in the squad with a passing rating of 64. David Perkins comes next on 61 and then Connor Jennings and Darren Potter on 60. 
  • Defending: Calum Woods and David Perkins share best single rating for defending in the squad with 64. The closest to them are Monthe (63), Ellis (62) and Nelson (62).
  • Dribbling: Kieron Morris is the strongest when it comes to dribbling with a rating of 66 for that skill. David Perkins is next with a 65 and then it’s Hepburn-Murphy on 64.

All ratings

We’ve put the full run-down of Tranmere on FIFA 20 below:


Scott Davies – 66

Luke Pilling – 54


Manny Monthe – 66

Sid Nelson – 65

Calum Woods – 65

Jake Caprice – 65

Liam Ridehalgh – 64

Mark Ellis – 64

Kane Wilson – 63

George Ray – 61

Evan Gumbs – 55


Connor Jennings – 65

David Perkins – 65

Ollie Banks – 65

Kieron Morris – 64

Darren Potter – 64

Jacob Maddox – 61

Harvey Gilmour – 60

Danny Walker-Rice – 53


Stefan Payne – 64

Morgan Ferrier – 63

Rushian Hepburn-Murphy – 61

Corey Blackett-Taylor – 61

Paul Mullin – 60

Ishamel Miller – 59

Jordan Ponticelli – 55

Bailey Thompson – 54

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