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  1. tobeyswa

    Player of the season so far?

    You're right, I think the winner of this could well be someone who puts in a hell of a shift between now and the end of the season. If we stay up, I'd imagine the key goals/results will sway it. If we go down, well, it's a tough choice
  2. tobeyswa

    Perkins and Jennings

    Enjoy seeing Jennings play again, you can't help but love his effort and enthusiasm. However, I'd also love to see Ferrier given a run up front alongside Cook
  3. tobeyswa


    Okay, there may be a question mark as to whether he was booked correctly in the first half, but the iFollow caption, the referee and the commentators all had Banks down as a yellow, so he should know himself?! He's so petulant. Even when he plays well he goes in to daft tackles and is a...
  4. tobeyswa


    He also has a chain of eight restaurants in Jakarta and surrounding area which also do catering to airlines (may be small scale). Certainly an interesting chap!
  5. tobeyswa

    If you could sign any League 1 or League 2 player...

    who would you go for? I'm going to leave the obvious one (Norwood) out. I'll go for either Jamal Lowe from Portsmouth or Tom Eaves Gillingham. Neither are realistic, but that would spoil the game
  6. tobeyswa

    How is everyone feeling about Wembley?

    Cautiously optimistic I think is the way id describe my emotions. Certainly not nervous - it's been a wonderful season either way
  7. tobeyswa

    Scandies to bolster the SWA on Friday

    I saw a suggestion elsewhere that we should throw them in the corner of the Main Stand or JKS and give home fans the Cowsheds. While it's almost impossible from a segregation point of view, plus we wouldn't fill the Cowsheds as well, it would be great to shoe-horn them out of sight somewhere
  8. tobeyswa

    Greens take seat in Birkenhead

    I can't wait for it. Bring it on...the hoodoo has to end at some point!
  9. tobeyswa

    Caprice injured?

    Anyone know if Caprice is okay after going off on Tuesday? Was that injury related? He's played himself in to being a key member the team in fairness to him. Still not theist defensively, but a great attacking weapon with his pace, much like Vaughan used to be
  10. tobeyswa

    Bury dancing on our pitch again

    If that’s true, it’s pathetic. They trying to imitate Real Madrid in Champions League Final? :ROFLMAO:
  11. tobeyswa

    Play-off semi finals - who to face?

    Bring on whoever. MK would be tough, but I like the idea of having forest green back at Wembley if we can get there
  12. tobeyswa

    Bury game

    Assuming Perks comes back in to the team, who misses out?! Also, does Mullin start again?
  13. tobeyswa

    MK Dons

    Atmosphere was amazing and Jay Harris did a brilliant job in replacing Perkins. Hope Perks won’t be out for long. Him and McCullough are big losses
  14. tobeyswa

    Ben Pringle

    What a cross for the winner. The lad has quality, but also looks like he’s strolling through games at times. Valuable for us in the run-in
  15. tobeyswa

    Newport away

    I think they will grab a win. Great team spirit, confidence shouldn’t be hit after Tuesday as they played well. Huge game for us. SWA
  16. tobeyswa

    Ben Pringle

    Strange one. I hope whatever the issue is passes and they can get him back involved. Big player for us. Some suggestions of a fall-out :oops:
  17. tobeyswa

    Big weekend of matches

    Two big matches there, Grover. I did an online predictor a few days ago and had us pipping Exeter to third on the final day of the season! As long as we win, that's all we can really get too worked up about at this point. We couldn't make it SEVEN straight wins though, could we?! :oops:
  18. tobeyswa

    What a result that is!

    Another outstanding result for the boys today, and away at a play-off rival. We're flying aren't we? Roll on next week. We could actually do this, and there is no pressure on us whatsoever! :cool:
  19. tobeyswa


    Sounds like Tollitt may have considerable work to do to even get a spot on the bench, which is a little harsh imo.
  20. tobeyswa

    Ishmael Miller

    Will be interesting, especially with the form of Connor Jennings who has really come in to his own since moving centrally again (as he always does whenever given a central role).