Time for 3 Centre Backs?

Last year Micky decided to play 3 big men at the back when we started leaking goals and it was a positive move. Ellis, McNulty and Monthe.

Wondering whether we think Micky will choose to do this again just to stop teams scoring against us. Nelson, Monthe and Ray could supply a pretty good wall. Downside is a midfielder or striker is taken out. Probably worked well last year with Norwood being a sole front man and getting goals off counter attacks and essentially using his speed. We may not be able to do that this season and score with the kind of front men we have. But we could play 2 strikers and play banks, perko and potter as our 3 mids.
I'd agree with this. It looked like at oxford Rides went in to be a third CB in the second half with CBJ and Morris covering the wing back positions. We need to do something to protect Rides, but I cannot help but think we need to look for a wise old head at CB on loan until Ellis is fit and put him between Monthe and Nelson.