I find it incredibly frustrating that after two promotions, new investment, an FA Cup run last year and to some extent this year (could become much more lucrative), we are still seemingly struggling to afford new players.

If needs be, go grab some talent from the top end of the National League - it worked okay for us a couple of years ago and we'd still dearly love some of those players now (nors, cook, etc)!
We can only assume the club is trying. why would they not be seeking a striker from the lower leagues. I'm sure all league 1 and 2 teams go searching for these players. It would be very competitive. It may be that players are now concerned about joining a team that potentially is going to get relegated and they don't want that to their name. Credit must be given for getting Clarke and Woodyard though. Already noticing a difference. I think we have strikers who just arent shining but have ability. We can't keep playing Ferrier as one up front. Mullin needs to be alongside.