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    It's not a good time to spend money on strikers, this time of year you need players on loan saving your money while summer
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    Grover replied to the thread Transfers.
    We can only assume the club is trying. why would they not be seeking a striker from the lower leagues. I'm sure all league 1 and 2 teams...
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    jal jal replied to the thread It's gone quiet around here!.
    Been looking in but had to go couldn't stand the echoing sound, so had to wait outside :ROFLMAO:
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    superwhitealan posted the thread Transfers in Tranmere Forum.
    I find it incredibly frustrating that after two promotions, new investment, an FA Cup run last year and to some extent this year (could...
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    A little bump to see where everyone has gone. With the standard of posts (and reliability) on other sites seemingly leaving a lot to be...