How social media reacted to Tranmere’s new kit


Tranmere launched their new home kit for the 2018/19 season on Saturday morning, one that hopefully will be worn in the Football League next season. Rovers fans on social media were quick to give an opinion.

Almost every kit launch these days, with any club, seems to polarise opinion among its fans. It has become standard that clubs have at least one new kit per season, and Rovers are no different.

The new kit was revealed on Saturday morning, once again manufactured by Puma. It’s predominantly white, as you’d expect, with the upper part of the shirt, the shoulders and arms the same as the 16/17 kit.

However, in quite a drastic departure from tradition, the front now features a blue gradient-style graphic, bringing up the colour of the blue shorts (yes, blue shorts are back) in to the white. So, here is what social media made of the new kit.














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