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League Two salary cap could be voted in today


Some of the uncertainty hanging over the EFL could be cleared-up today with Rick Parry set to do what he apparently does best – let someone else make the tough decisions.

Rather than put rules in place for clubs to follow, Parry will allow clubs across the EFL to vote on whether to introduce a salary cap. It’s also expected a cap on squad size will be voted on.

According to reports, the salary caps will differ across the three divisions; with League Two clubs operating to a cap of £1.5million on their playing wage bill per season. League One will be £2.5m while the Championship will be a staggering £18m. Good luck to any team that gets promoted from League One next season. 

The caps have been calculated on what the average salary is for that division. We don’t have the figure for League Two, but in League One that is around £1,700 per week. 

Depending on where you read it, squad size will be capped at 20 or 22 senior professionals, with at least eight of those needing to be home grown players. Players aged 21 or under will not count toward the overall total.

Unsurprisingly, the cap has been met with some opposition in League One, with Sunderland, Oxford, Ipswich and Portsmouth among those expected to vote against it. Understandably so. Pompey average gates of 16,000 and have commercial revenue far greater than many other clubs at that level, yet if voted in, they will have to adhere to the same salary cap as the likes of Wimbledon, Fleetwood and Rochdale.

As we know only too well, for any rule change to be implemented, a vote in favour by a two thirds majority of clubs in each division is required.

Another fun day in the world of the EFL.

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