This Is How It Feels To Be Tranmere


Tranmere Rovers are on their way back, as you know. Micky Mellon is going for two in a row.

Not quite the exact words to one of the newest chants from the stands at Prenton Park, but you get the gist.

The end of the League Two regular season is approaching and it’s time to take stock of a) what we’ve already achieved, and b) what we might go on to achieve in the next few weeks.

The picture at the top of this article sums it up for me. Players who care dearly, give everything, put their bodies on the line game in, game out and who love winning. The elation and emotion captured in that image is outstanding.

In our first season back in the EFL, Tranmere have secured a play-off place. Quite an achievement at the first time of asking, and only narrowly missing out on a chance to go for automatic promotion, those ambitions extinguished after Tuesday’s draw with Bury.

After years of misery, neglect and battling at the wrong end of league tables, for the fourth year in a row, we are battling at the right end of the table and go into the end of season play-offs for the third consecutive season.

These are good times. Tranmere are back and battling for honours at the end of the season. Promotions, trophies, and we should be incredibly proud of the management and players working so hard for our club to do that.

This team has heart, spirit, passion, determination, will to win and a never-say-die attitude that keeps them battling right until the final whistle.

Those qualities can take you places, and they have done and are doing with this group under Micky Mellon, who I firmly believe to be one of the best managers we’ve had at this football club.

Off the pitch, the support is growing and growing. Over 9,000 people have been at our last two home matches and they’re enjoying the ride.

Tequila is a great example of this enjoyment. My first experience of this was at Oldham a few weeks ago. The team was awful that night, but that wasn’t going to stop the fans enjoying a good singsong and supporting their team.

It’s a feel-good party song and has become a part of the matchday experience coming towards the end of this season.

And quite right too. No matter what happens in the play-offs, this has been a fantastic season and we should enjoy it. After all the bad ones we’ve endured in the not-so-distant past, you have to!

These players have given us everything this season. The effort and commitment has been second to none, not to mention some of the quality we have demonstrated throughout the season. It really has been a joy to watch.

But it’s not over yet. The play-offs are to come. One final push to see if we can pull off an unbelievable achievement. Two in a row? Why not? Strap yourselves in and enjoy the ride!

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